Fulfillment Service

GSL’s Fulfillment Service offers you many benefits, which are used by e-commerce companies in B2C and B2B, and also by trading companies, for example.
GSL takes care of all warehouse and order management services. As a user of the Fulfillment Service you are relieved of fixed warehouse and staff costs, as well as time-consuming logistics tasks which we can carry out on your behalf, such as:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Stock keeping
  • Packing, unpacking, packaging, repacking and inserts
  • Individual order picking
  • Making up gift packages
  • Bulk mailing of products and product samples
  • Returns handling & returns management
  • International customer services
  • and many more, according to customers’ wishes

This frees up capacity for you, which you can deploy optimally for procurement, marketing and sales activities, for example.

Focus on your core business – selling your products!

Take advantage of our services, our experience and our favorable conditions through appropriate combinations of services.

Here is how it works:

  • At your request, we will take on you the importing of products from other countries as well as transport within Germany. Alternatively, you or your supplier can bring the goods directly to us.
  • We accept your goods, check them, record them and store them in our warehouse.
  • You are informed about the receipt of the goods and the current inventory by e-mail or fax.  
  • After your customer has agreed a purchase from you, we dispatch your goods (after clearance from you or immediately after receipt of the order, depending on your wishes).
  • Orders can either be sent to us automatically, directly from the shop, or you can send us the orders by e-mail or fax.
  • A direct interface between your shop and our warehouse management system is possible and in many cases it makes a lot of sense.
  • Alternatively, your customers can order directly using our order hotline. (You are allocated an individual number, which your customers can use for orders).
  • Your customers automatically receive an e-mail as soon as your order leaves our warehouse.
  • We carry out a wide range of order-picking activities, such as adding inserts, instruction manuals, information sheets or promotional articles.
  • Our call center is also available to handle product enquires from your customers (general questions, operating problems, complaints, etc.) in all European languages.
  • We handle the entire returns process for you.
  • You receive a clear overview, updated daily, of your deliveries and all your inventories by means of our online tracking. You can use it to track all deliveries online at all stages of the dispatch process (package dispatch), right up to delivery of the products to your customer.

Benefit from our long experience of fulfillment, logistics, dispatch, returns and complaints, as well as call centers services, which we would be pleased to carry out effectively on your behalf.

Talk to us:

Tel.:    +49 (0)3644 517 150
Email: fulfillment@gsl-servicenet.de

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